About Us

African Star Communications is a corporate & celebrity public relations agency including event management.

The focus is on projecting and maintaining our clients’ image in the best possible public light.

In the family of African Star Communications, Public-Relations are given the utmost respect in the notion of brand building. Brand perception is sacrosanct in ensuring longevity and success.

Ultimately a brand is a perception and that perception can make the difference between success and failure. African Star Communications is all about the success of companies and people as brands.

To the point, Public Relations to African Star is about creating, shaping, publicising, enhancing or changing public attitudes and perceptions of a brand, and that brand is YOU. It is a part of the marketing mix of disciplines that we hold highly in our core values.

Our Mission

African Star Communications is a full-service PR agency, focusing on customized strategic public relations campaigns in (but not limited to) government, fashion, beauty, Internet, consumer goods, and entertainment. We specialize in brand building and opinion changing campaigns and product launches to create excitement among the media, buyers, the end consumer and the entertainment and business communities. We create innovative, attention grabbing news angles that get our clients booked in high profile print publications, on television and radio, in industry trades and in new and social media. We also specialize in strategic celebrity alliances and co-branding efforts with organizations and events.

African Star Communications has an in house art department to maintain creativity and quality control over all projects. The agency’s staff is experienced in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Event Management and Public Relations. Our combined efforts will deliver a branding and image enhancement campaign with a daily high level of creativity and client service.

Our company is able to offer you a full service campaign at a cost that fits your company budget. We will work with you to design an affordable plan to benefit your current company marketing plans.

Vision Statement

‘With every celebrity and corporate client we ensure success through transparency’

Through the following practices:

  • Speech writing
  • Arranging and coordinating appearances/speaking engagements
  • Image consultancy
  • Crisis management
  • A one on one meeting
  • A 6-month plan
  • Building a profile
  • Developing and appealable.